Flex solder mask NPR-5/NBD is a flexible solder mask for flexible printed circuit boards and TAB applications. This product has excellent flexible/bending characteristics and flammable resistance.


Flex solder mask NPR-5 / NBD offers:

  • Excellent bending resistance, low warpage and good heat resistance
  • Stable in electroless Ni/Au plating operation – good plating results are always expected


NPR-5/NBD contains 2 wt% of Phthalocyanine Green Pigment as the organic pigment. This pigment comes under Copper and Copper Compound (No. 26, Substance Group No. D01) in List A (Appendix 2-2, Level B), based on Guideline for Standardization of Material Declaration (on July 22, 2003 revision) published by Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative?JGPSSI? Also, these products do not use the materials/compounds surveyed Chemical Substance except the organic pigment in the manufacturing process.