Drill Spindles and Collets

High frequency motor and air bearing spindles for applications including engraving, milling and automatic drilling machines with speeds up to 200,000 rpm. Range also includes frequency convertors, stator/rotor units, collets and accessories. Full spares and spindle repair service available. (Range of tools on offer is different at each Holders Technology location.)

Air Bearing Spindles >

A range of air bearing spindles up to 200k rpm incorporating design features which provide superior energy efficiency…

High Frequency Spindles >

High frequency spindles incorporating synchronous and asynchronous technology for drilling, milling, grinding, engraving applications.

Motor Elements >

Kavo high frequency motor elements are engineered to provide high speed, long life combined with low weight. The…

Drives and Convertors >

The Kavo/SycoTec range of Easydrives and frequency convertors with output frequency up to 4kHz AC + BLDC.

Engraving Kit >

The engraving kit incorporates the 4015 HF motor spindle and features the integrated depth and floating system combined…

Spares >

A wide range of spares and service is available for Kavo/SycoTec products via Holders Technology.