Adhesiveless flex polyimide Copper Clad Laminate

A range of polyimide flexible copper clad laminates (FCCL) featuring "two layer" adhesiveless polyimide construction ED and RA copper options.


Single and double sided adhesiveless flexible copper clad laminates (2-layer FCCL) Excellent soldering reliability, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Excellent…

Espanex S Series >

Adhesiveless polyimide flexible copper clad laminate: Conforms to IPC4204/25 High thermal stability UL V0 flame rated

Novaclad CF >

Novaclad CF is an all polyimide flexible copper clad laminate. Double sided laminates are constructed from TPI polyimide film laminated…

Espanex M Series >

Adhesiveless polyimide flexible copper clad laminate with enhanced features: Conforms to IPC4204/25 Excellent dimensional stability Excellent heat resistance, compatible with…