Holders Germany

Holders Technology GmbH is located in the town of Kirchheimbolanden, Germany. It was established in 1977, as CIMATEC GmbH and joined the Holders Technology Group in 2002.

The company offers a wide range of laminates, consumables and other materials to the PCB industry.


  • FR4 standard laminates and pre-pregs,
  • High Tg and halogen free epoxy laminates and pre-pregs,
  • Entry and backing materials for drilling and routing applications,
  • Solder mask for rigid and flexible applications,
  • Lamination accessories, e.g. release film,
  • Drills and routers,
  • Copper foil for lamination applications,
  • Adhesive bonded and adhesiveless flexible laminates
  • Coverlays based on Polyimide, PEN or PET,
  • Photo tools, such as diazo film, retouch pens and UV-filter foil and UV-sleeves,
  • Equipment for mechanical marking of flex circuits.

The company focuses on providing a range of products and in addition, services to provide material in a production ready format. This includes cutting to size and tooling material, to meet customers’ requirements and the ability to respond to short lead times.

Holders Technology GmbH has a holding, production and warehousing area of approx. 21.500 sq ft., with additional offices, occupying approx. 4,100 sq ft.

The manufacturing site for the back-up and entry material is equipped with sawing lines, automatic punching lines, drilling and routing equipment, aluminium coil cutting and punching lines and a unique thickness tolerance measuring unit for back-up materials.

The manufacturing site for lamination accessories, flexible laminates and coverlays is equipped with slitting equipment, sheeting lines and punching machines.

Kirchheimbolanden has direct access to the A63 motorway (East-West) and A61 (North-South), to Frankfurt/Main Airport.

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