Isola offers the FR406N family of no-flow and low-flow prepregs, consisting of proprietary resin systems specifically formulated for optimal performance in bonding applications requiring minimal resin flow and consistency in lamination.


  • Product Features
    • Wide Range of Thermal Performance
      • Tg: 170°C, High temperature FR-4 epoxy
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Minimal, Uniform Resin Flow
      • Complete encapsulation and embedment of no-planar surfaces
      • Consistent dielectric spacing
    • Adhesion to Wide Range of Materials
      • Flex films
      • Treated or untreated copper
      • Plated metals (tin, solder, nickel, etc.)
      • Conventional laminate surfaces
    • Processing Ease
      • Machinable to complex shapes by steel rule die and punching
      • Allows for lamination at non-uniform pressures
      • Cure and form bond at low temperatures
    • Prepreg Standard Availability
      • Roll or panel form
      • Tooling of prepreg panels available
    • Glass Fabric Availability
      • Standard E-glass
    • Industry Approvals
      • IPC-4101D WAM1 /21 /24 /26
      • UL Recognized – V-0