Yamaha Electrical Tester

The Micro-prober MR502 carries out inspection of electric continuity and insulation using a CCD camera. It uses image processing to inspect accurately the circuit pattern of the board, at the front surface and back surface of the board. The Micro-prober has a rotary head with quick fixture change unit (topside, backside). The size is adjustable and there is X-Y tension clamp mechanism for thin FPC. Fine pitch (Min.70?m) fixture, its intemal ID-tag enables auto data input.


Micro-Prober MR502 offers:

  • Improved faster, double-side reliable contact test by rotary head
  • Accurate +/-5μm contact at min.70μm pitch pattern
  • Test-pads are not required, improves material cost reduction and higher yield ratio
  • 4-terminal testing can be combined with 2-teminal testing
  • Multifunctional software provides useful auto position correction retry, auto pressure control and etc.

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This machine is available as:

  • MR502