X Ray Drilling Machine

MMX-888 is capable of detecting four guide mark positions, compensating the difference between the designed mark positions and actual mark positions in X and Y direction and drilling tooling or reference holes at optimised positions for NC mechanical drilling, laser drilling or exposure processes.


Features of the MMX-888 are:

  • Multipoint compensating system – accepts data input of marks to be drilled as mark centre and others to be drilled as compensating positions on same board
  • Auto zero setting – maintains high positioning accuracy during continuous operation
  • Auto unloading function – the board can be unloaded to conveyor after drilling
  • Auto adjustment of spindle distance and table perpendicularity
  • Minimal drilling burr
  • Auto reject function – panels outwith preset tolerance are discharged without drilling
  • Straighforward data input – both centred drilling positions and positions for compensation can be input together
  • Layer analysis system – able to detect layer slip. Can unload out of tolerance boards without drilling
  • ¬†SPC data recorded includes Fiducial distance, average of fiducial distance, and standard deviation of fiducial distance.