Isola P95/25

Isola offers a product line of polyimide-based prepreg (P25) and core material (P95) for high temperature printed circuit applications.

These products consist of an HB flammability rated polyimide resin system suitable for military, commercial or industrial electronic applications requiring superior performance and the utmost in thermal properties. These products utilize a polyimide and thermoplastic blend resin, fully cured without the use of MDA (Methylenedianiline). This results in a polymer with a high Tg without the characteristic difficulties of brittleness and low initial bond strength associated with traditional thermoset polyimides.


  • Product Features
    • High Thermal Performance
      • Tg: 260°C (TMA)
      • Greater thermal performance over epoxybismaleimide blends
    • T260: 60 minutes
    • T288: 60 minutes
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Maintains Bond Strength at High Temperature
    • Tough Resin System
      • Improved processing due to less brittleness
      • Less delamination from machining
    • Non-brominated Chemistry, Thermally Stable Laminate System
      • Full benefits of 100% polyimide performance
    • Non-MDA (Methylenedianiline) Chemistry
      • Meets all OSHA 1910.1050 requirements
    • Halogen free
    • Core Material Standard Availability
      • Thickness: 0.002″ (0.05 mm) to 0.125″ (3.2 mm)
      • Available in full size sheet or panel form
    • Prepreg Standard Availability
      • Roll or panel form
      • Tooling of prepreg panels available
    • Copper Foil Type Availability
      • Standard HTE Grade 3
      • RTF (Reverse Treat Foil)
    • Copper Weights
      • ½, 1 and 2 oz (18, 38 and 70 µm) available
      • Heavier copper available upon request
      • Thinner copper foil available upon request
    • Glass Fabric Availability
      • Standard E-glass
    • Industry Approvals
      • IPC-4101D WAM1 /40 /41
      • UL – File Number E41625