NPR-80 ID 100

Flex Photoimage Mask NPR-80/ID100 series is a developed 2-component system alkaline – developing photoresist ink of worldwide reputation. The products have low tackiness and good reliability. These are designed to meet the recently increasing market trends/needs for fine pitch, high density circuitry fabrications of flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Flex Photoimage Mask NPR-80/ID100 offers:

  • A superior fine line, because it is possible to do a contact exposure and fine pitch resolution is expected
  • Long shelf/pot life, a stable characteristic is obtainable in operations continuously
  • Excellent adhesive strength, heat resistance, and electrical insulation resistance is always expected
  • The products have excellent resistance to HHBT and PCT


NPR-80/ID100 contains 0.2 to 0.3wt% of Phthalocyanine Green Pigment as the organic pigment. This Pigment comes under Copper and Copper Compound (No. 26, Substance Group No. D01) in List A (Appendix 2-2, Level B), based on Guideline for Standardization of Material Declaration (on July 22, 2003 revision), published by Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative?JGPSSI?http: // Also, these products are not using the materials/compounds surveyed Chemical Substance except the organic pigment in the manufacturing process.