Kimotopake super density

Kimotopake Super Density are retouching pens of the second generation. The main differences to existing retouching pens are:

  • Ruby, transparent super density retouching mask
  • Better covering
  • Mechanical flow regulation

The surface of the coated ink is immediately dry after etouching. Nevertheless it is advisable to leave the retouched films for a few minutes prior to use so that the mask will be thoroughly dried. Areas retouched in error can easily be removed with the remover pen. This remover pen is 6 mm wide.


Kimotopake super density offers:

  • Ruby transparent with very high light absorption in the wave length around
  • 580 nm for retouching work on diazo films
  • Unique, patented mechanical flow regulation
  • Always ready to use
  • Fast drying
  • Waterproof
  • Very good covering
  • Inexpensive


All pens are supplied with a protective cap which should be put back after use to prevent the retouching liquid fluid from evaporating.