Isola P25N

Isola offers a P25N product line of polyimide-based no flow prepreg materials for high temperature printed circuit applications.

These products consist of a polyimide resin system suitable for military, commercial or industrial electronic applications requiring superior performance and the utmost in thermal properties. These products utilize a polyimide and thermoplastic blend resin, fully cured without the use of Methylenedianiline (MDA). This results in a polymer with a high Tg without the characteristic difficulties of brittleness and low initial bond strength associated with traditional thermoset


  • Product Features
    • Industry Recognition
      • – UL File Number: E41625
      • RoHS Compliant
    • Performance Attributes
      • Lead-free assembly compatible
    • Processing Advantages
      • Minimal, uniform resin flow
    • No-flow Prepreg
      • Adhesion to wide range of materials
      • Flex films
      • Treated or untreated copper
      • Plated metals ( tin, solder, nickel etc)
      • Conventional laminate surfaces
    • Product Availability
      • Standard Material Offering: Prepreg
        • Roll or panel form
        • Tooling of prepreg panels
      • Glass Fabric Availability
        • E-glass