Isola IS400

IS400 is a temperature-resistant base material with low Z-axis expansion. The product is based on a proprietary filled epoxy system with a nominal TG of approximately 150C and a delamination time at 260C of about 60 mins. The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in the Z-axis lies between room temperature and 120C at 30-40 ppm/K compared to unfilled systems at 60-70 ppm/K:

  • IPC-4101/101
  • Td 5% 330C
  • copper foil standard – HTE Grade 3, RTF available
  • E glass standard, Square weave glass fabric available
  • UL File Number E41625



  • Product Features
    • Industry Recognition
      • – UL File Number: E41625
      • RoHS Compliant
    • Performance Attributes
      • CAF resistant
    • Processing Advantages
  • Product Availability
    • Standard Material Offering: Laminate
      • 2 to 93 mil (0.05 to 2.4 mm)
      • Available in full size sheet or panel form
    • Copper Foil Type
      • HTE Grade 3
      • RTF (Reverse Treat Foil)
    • Copper Weight
      • ½ to 2 oz (18 to 70 µm) available
      • Heavier copper available
      • Thinner copper foil available
    • Standard Material Offering: Prepreg
      • Roll or panel form
      • Tooling of prepreg panels
    • Glass Fabric Availability
      • E-glass
      • Square weave glass


General safety information

  • Only use the product for applications described in the product data sheet
  • The product is intended for industrial use only
  • The product is not suitable for food industry
  • The product must not be eaten
  • In case of fire noxious fumes or smoke can be generated


  • Dust generation, do not inhale dust, comply with Health & Safety dust limit value
  • Do not inhale fumes or smoke created during processing or by fire

Protection methods

  • Dust extraction or dust protection mask

Extinguishing agent

  • Foam, powder, CO2


  • Comply with limit value for respirable dust
  • Dispose or waste safely

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