High temperature release film ACC-3

ACC-3 is best suited for press cycles with elevated temperatures (more than 200°C). ACC-3 is inert and has release-properties not only on the surface but also in the core. Therefore, when using registration-pins, ACC-3 will not stick to the pins. ACC-3 is manufactured without any recycled PTFE, assuring always consistent and reproducible properties and performance. ACC-3 is free of silicone.


Release Film ACC-3 offers:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Inert material
  • Excellent release characteristics
  • Suitable for all high-temparature applications
  • Silicone free

Due to the production method (ACC-3 is skived) the surface shows stripes which do not influence the function.



  • ACC-3 is available in rolls, width 660 mm + 50 -0 mm from stock. A standard roll has a weight of approx. 30 kg (approx. 560 m²).
  • ACC-3 can be supplied in sheets (one dimension 660 mm max.), with or without registration holes.