Grace Electron MTC97

MTC-97 laminate and MPP-97 prepreg is a 140ºC Tg tetra-functional, Dicy-cured Epoxy/glass FR4 system:

  • Tg 140ºC
  • HTE copper
  • High luminescence enabling better A.O.I. contrast
  • allows UV solder mask to be applied simultaneously to both sides increasing productivity
  • IPC-4101/21
  • UL V0



General safety information

  • Only use the product for applications described in the product data sheet
  • The product is intended for industrial use only
  • The product is not suitable for food industry
  • The product must not be eaten
  • In case of fire noxious fumes or smoke can be generated


  • Dust generation, do not inhale dust, comply with general dust limit value TRGS 553
  • Do not inhale fumes or smoke created during processing or by fire

Protection methods

  • Dust extraction or dust protection mask

Extinguishing agent

  • Foam, powder, CO2


  • Comply with limit value for respirable dust
  • Dispose or waste safely

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