Cimwood Superdrill SD-2-W / SD-25-HD drill back up

Cimwood Superdrill SD-2-W / SD-25-HD are back-up board designed to meet the most demanding requirements while drilling circuit boards. Cimwood Superdrill SD-2-W / SD-25-HD are manufactured exclusively for HOLDERS.

Cimwood Superdrill SD-2-W / SD-25-HD are made of a proven mixture of quick growing conifers which are decomposed into fibres and perfectly cleaned. Having passed through a high-pressure flat press, the wood fibre boards remain for a certain period in a climate controlled conditioning chamber. After a multi sanding process the boards are coated with cured urea/melamine resin papers to meet the Holders Patent No. DE 3229422 C1.


Cimwood Superdrill SD-2-W and SD-25-HD are offering:

  • Especially designed for drilling PCBs using wood fibres with exceptionally low resin content
  • Excellent flatness and thickness tolerance
  • Homogeneous, high density core provides excellent chipping and reducesĀ  drill breakage
  • Suitable for all drill diameters
  • No hole contamination resulting from phenolic particles or resin smear


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