Cimtrans UV-Filtersleeves

CIMTRANS filter sleeves provide for bright and shadowless illumination and high UV absorption. They are simply slid over existing fluorescent lamps and centred at both lamp ends by means of the end caps supplied. They also serve as a burst protection and thus increase work safety.


Filter sleeves type ASR-C20 are clear with UV cut-off below 400 nm. These sleeves are recommended for use with regular photosensitive soldermasks.

Filter sleeves type ASR-G10 (UV cut-off below 520 nm, gold) and type ASR-MY10 (UV cut-off below 420 nm, light yellow) are intended for use with resists and diazo films.


CIMTRANS filter sleeves are available in different lengths and filter colours for both T12 (36 mm) and T8 (26 mm) lamp diameters. With each tube, 2 end caps are supplied for mounting.