Cimtrans UV-Filterfoil

These foils absorb UV-emissions from both sunlight and artificial light sources below 380 nm. Depending on the colour of the foils, emissions of up to 520 nm are blocked. The foils are mounted between 2 window panes or fixed with adhesive tape SKF-19 onto the panes or troughs. The filter foils undergo an accelerated UV-ageing of about 10.000 hours. This ensures UV-stability for at least 5 years.


SFC-20 is a clear foil recommended for areas where constant UV-radiation may bleach out colours or cause damage (e.g. museums, libraries, etc). It is also recommended for most regular photosensitive solder masks. It blocks emissions below 400 nm.

SFG-10 is gold-yellow coloured and absorbs all UV-emissions below 520 nm. This foil is recommended for all areas where best possible UV-protection is needed, as for sensitive photo resists, diazo films, clean room, chip-manufacturing etc.  We recommend SFG-10 to protect windows under direct daylight.


Available as:

  • Rolls approx. 10 m length, 1.2 m width
  • Foil thickness: about 0.13 mm
  • Special sizes on request
  • Both foils are also available completely equipped with fluorescent lamps on request
  • Foils with other colours for special applications on request