Cimtrans diazo film

Cimtrans D-18 diazo film is positive working film for use under UV-free roomlight conditions. Cimtrans diazo films can be exposed and developed in a simple process without any wet chemistry or dark room. Cimtrans offers very high resolution (>1000 lines/mm) and edge sharpness and also, has very high image density. Further benefits are wide process window for exposure and developing. It has excellent dimensional stability of PE-Base film.


Cimtrans D-18 offers:

  • Low cost
  • Easy and quick processing at room light
  • Quick registration
  • Long shelf life without loss of quality
  • Many exposures of solder masks. Customers report of 200 and even more cycles per film.


Cimtrans D-18 is available as:

  • D-18-M: matted emulsion side, recommended for exposing liquid solder masks