CIMMETRIC and CIMMETRIC PLUS – These software programs, particularly when combined with the powerful CIMCHECK video system, permit measurements of all kinds in a video live image.


This software is available in several different languages and allows you to measure the following data:

  • Distances (point to point, point to line, point to circle, circle to circle, circle to line, chain measurement)
  • Angles (3-point, 4-point, A-measure, Z-measure)
  • Surfaces (circles, polygons, free hand shapes)
  • Diameters, radius, circle segments, free hand circle
  • Special circle measurements
  • Counter functions (eased by variable grid lines)
  • Multi image focus (calculates one focused picture out as a series of single photos)

All of these measurements and related diagrams can be exported directly to Excel.

Loch zu Loch

Diagram – Hole to hole: After the circles have been defined by clicking three points on the circumference, the system calculates the distance between the centres. The value also appears on the image.

Mitte Loch zur Line

Diagram – Distance from the centre of a circle to a line: Click three points on the circumference and the software calculates the distance to the line an, likewise pre-selected by two mouse clicks at a 90 degree angle.