A full range of CCD Inspection systems, which enable the user to measure, verify and control distances, diameters, widths, lengths and heights on printed circuit boards:




This measuring microscope is the ideal tool for measuring depths. The coaxial travel width permits exact selection of the fine focusing planes. With the standard 30x objective, which corresponds to a magnification of 300x, you obtain shallower depth of field which is necessary for precision work. It is also possible to carry out standard length measurements with the microscope. The smallest increment for length measurement is 1mm. The measuring length of the scale is 0.2mm and the diagram width of the view is 0.48mm. It is the coaxial illumination through the objective, which enables the fine focusing planes to be seen.



This system specialises in checking and inspecting reflective surfaces. Thanks to the coaxial light, there is no irritating reflection which might lead to misinterpretation and wrong measurement. The magnification, based on a 14″ monitor, is calculated by multiplying the magnification of the objective by a factor of 65x. The coaxial illumination is carried out by a powerful high brightness LED. Delivery also includes an additional lamp for side illumination. Combined with the coaxial light, this battery-powered light source improves three dimensional imaging.



This system is ideal for measuring depth easily. For non-contact measurement of the depth of drill holes, the digital gauge measures the distance between two focusing planes. To keep the depth of field shallow, measurement should be carried out at the highest magnification in relation to the desired field of view. For this reason, the measurement system is supplied with all objectives available. The practically no play co-axial travel permits exact setting of the fine focusing planes. The coaxial illumination directly through the objective allows the fine focusing planes to be seen exactly. The CCD camera image can be further processed on the computer with the aid of our metric measurement software (CIMMETRIC).

CIMCHECK Modular System

CIMCHECK Modular System

This inspection system solves your acute testing and measuring problems and can also be flexibly expanded in the future. Thanks to its small, slim design, it is easy to find space to set up the camera and the objective, whether it is used at a stationary testing place or fitted into machines. In combination with eight objectives, the choice of 20 different barrel lengths provides a wide range of combination possibilities in terms of working distance, field of vision and magnification. CCD cameras in black/white or colour with different chip sizes produce needle sharp images. Two alternative plug-in illumination systems provide the correct lighting at the test point. Whether you use coaxial illumination directly through the objective or the LED ring illumination, the CV modular system provides the perfect light for every test situation. In combination with our measuring software, the system can be expanded into a measuring station.